W.A.V.E. Art Collective is an ongoing concept in it's early stages created that hopes to co-educate, increase awareness and visibility of underrepresented artists and foster a community of creative engagement and collaboration. Based out of the Twin Cities (MN), co-founders Alex & Annah are both artists who have witnessed the need for a program-collective hybrid. Inspired by organizations like AIR Gallery, WARM (Women's Art Resources of Minnesota) , WAI  (Women's Art Institute) and other influential acronyms, we had a great desire to create a collective of our own. Our goal is to design a group/resource that would be extremely accessible to all artists while simultaneously requiring and instilling accountability. W.A.V.E. is our solution!

This website serves as a placeholder for future projects and ventures that align with WAVE's mission:


Mission Statement:

W.A.V.E - Waging Artistic & Visual Empowerment

We seek to unite underrepresented and underfunded artists by building a community through creative accountability. Our shared challenge is to constantly reevaluate what is necessary to bring fundamental change to the art world's perception and treatment of said artists. Through skill share, collaborations, critiques and discussions, and culminating in an end of program show, we will provide a way for those who feel silenced to thrive in an inclusive and inspiring environment and to reconnect to their artistic and creative selves.

Xoxo Alex && Annah

Anna Ruhland

Bat Tapestry

needlework on fabric with human hair and blood

Alex Poepping

Performance I

linocut on fabric with thread and wax

"The sense of limitation that economics makes is so powerful. In a way I think we used it wrong then. We saw that as the dominant culture not letting us have instead of the identification with people who don't have." 

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Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, Women Art Revolution

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